Resources are meant to help one brainstorm and explore options that may be suitable on the journey to wellness. However, resources listed are not meant as a replacement for professional help

Only completely free apps with both iPhone/Android versions are listed.

Feelings Wheels

Values Inventory




  • Duolingo: Learn a new language, a second language, or refine a language

  • edx: Free online learning for adults

  • Khan Academy: Free online learning for adults

  • Code Academy: Learn how to code, for free

  • Ted Talks: Talks to spark curiousity

  • Libby: Free e-books and audiobooks 

  • GoodReads: Books that may be useful on your journey to healing

  • Couples Card Game A game to reconnect with your partner

Mood Tracking

Just for Fun

Substance Recovery Themes

Mental Wellness Themes

Fitness Minded Themes