Resources are meant to help one brainstorm and explore options that may be suitable on the journey to wellness. However, resources listed are not meant as a replacement for professional help.

Only completely free apps with both iPhone/Android versions are listed.

Sleep Hygiene

Aim for no caffeine (as close to) 10 hours before bed.

  • 3 hours before bed: No more big meals or alcohol consumption

  • 2 hours before bed: No more work/career/school responsibilities 

  • 1 hour before bed: No more screen time (turn off all phones, TVs. tablets, and computers)

Aim to press that snooze button zero times!



Free yoga workouts, typically with minimal time investment

Self-Care Brainstorming

  • Axe throwing room

  • Bake

  • Barefeet in grass or sand

  • Batting cages

  • Board games

  • Bowling alley

  • Boxing

  • Buy a new soap that smells nice for the shower

  • Cat Cafe

  • Cleaning

  • Color

  • Cook

  • Eat simple meals

  • Eating fruits and veggies

  • Exercise

  • Farmers market

  • Fishing

  • Foam rollers

  • Gardening

  • Getting out in nature

  • Go for a bike ride

  • GroupOn

  • Hang out at a cat cafe

  • Help someone else

  • Hiking

  • Hula hooping

  • Ice cream potluck

  • Ice pack on face (helps raise alertness and grounds yourself)

  • Ice skating Jenga

  • Kayaking

  • Kickboxing

  • Learn a language (Duolingo is free)

  • Learn a new skill (EDx is free)

  • Make a plan for the day

  • Making something with your hands (knitting, fixing something, craft)

  • Making a list of small tasks and crossing it off (even things like taking a shower, brushing teeth) 

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Miniature golf

  • Origami

  • Pet an animal

  • Photography

  • Playdough

  • Playing in the dirt (there are microbes in dirt that increase serotonin)

  • Positive affirmations

  • Puzzles Read

  • Rock climbing

  • Rock picking

  • Roller skating rink

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Seeing friends

  • Self defense class

  • Sending a message of thanks to a friend

  • Sewing Sidewalk chalk (buy some and play a game of hopscotch)

  • Silly putty

  • Sing in shower or car

  • Sitting outside in sun 

  • Sit outside

  • Sleep

  • Smoothie timeout (buy a smoothie and do nothing until you are done drinking it)

  • Sound Healing

  • Swing at a playground

  • Take a walk

  • Teeter totter on a playground

  • Thrifting Use heating packs with essential oils

  • Video games

  • Zoo