About Us

Spoken Balance is a modern mental health counseling practice centered around providing accessible, high -quality, and compassionate care for all. We offer convenient virtual sessions to fit your busy life.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals! 

Why Work with Spoken Balance?

Spoken Balance is an accessible mental health solution designed to meet the needs of the modern, busy individual.


The last thing you need in finding a provider are more barriers. Spoken Balance works hard to remove barriers to care from easy online scheduling, to an ADA accessible office and the option for telehealth sessions — you do not need to worry about finding your way here.


Seeking out care for your mental health often comes with a certain internalized stigma attached. Not here. At Spoken Balance, we believe your story is your strength. You are here to tell your story and we are here to listen, to validate, and to help you heal.


Our therapists, like you, are not immune to the stress of our modern, busy lives. We understand the demands of balancing work, family, and personal life. We also understand the additional challenges faced buy the LGBTQIA community. Our compassion is rooted in lived experiences, and extensive training in trauma -focused modalities.


Not only are you learning about your story, we are always learning about ways to improve our therapeutic process. At Spoken Balance, we are culturally competent and are engaged in the communities we serve. We pursue advanced training, educational opportunities, and networking to challenge ourselves to do more and be more for our clients.


Mental health is a piece in the wellness puzzle. Wellness goes beyond our office and your office. While this does not mean running a marathon, it does mean that we will work with you to collaboratively address your wellness needs in ways that are achievable and resonates with you.