Gender + Sexuality + Relationship Diverse

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Spoken Balance holds the space for multiple dimensions of gender and sexuality. The list below is not exhaustive.

  • Consensual non-monogamy

  • Polyamory

  • Open arrangements

  • Swingers

  • Kink

  • BDSM

  • Fetish sexualities

  • Lesbian

  • Bisexual

  • Gay Queer/Questioning

  • Transitioning/MoC/FoC

  • Pansexual

  • Asexual

Living authentically is something we could all use a little more of.

lets do this
What if you could…
  •  Increase confidence in your sexuality

  •  Improve communication in polyamorous, consensual non-monogamy, and open relationships

  •  Become sexually satisfied

  •  Strategize communication between partners

  •  Determine sources of anxiety and proactively find adequate coping skills

  •  Navigate self-reflection without an inner critic

  •  Manage enormous emotions

Acceptance is possible.

Life is messy. Living in the LGBTQIA+ community is powerful and profound. Spoken Balance is here to help you find your emotional “center of gravity” and lean into a calm, yet confident, life.

How can therapy help anyway?

Spoken Balance is committed to providing exceptional care in whatever capacity is most comfortable for our clients. Therapy can be an intimate, fun, engaging process where clients face their vulnerabilities and successes boldly. Spoken Balance can help manage the gritty emotions through a non-judgmental, culturally competent, person centered approach.

Individual Therapy | Let Spoken Balance help you ask the questions necessary to help you uncover your identity and sense of self.

Couples Therapy | Regardless of relationship orientation, therapy can help improve communication and firm up commitment.

Family Therapy | Do you have a loved one that is transitioning, or identifies with a sexual or gender identity that is confusing or difficult to understand? Spoken Balance is here to support you by actively addressing your concerns, worries, and any bias or stigmas you have difficulty processing.

Informed Consent Model

Spoken Balance operates under the presumption you are a self-determined person with insight and awareness about how to use your bodily autonomy. The Informed Consent model is described by the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics as:

“Informed consent is a concept that is familiar to clinicians. On a practical, day-to-day basis, informed consent is often implied rather than explicitly ensured, and whether explicit or implied, informed consent is the ethical and legal basis for most patient care decisions. It requires that clinicians […] effectively communicate anticipated benefits and potential risks of a treatment, as well as the reasonable alternatives to that treatment. It relies on the patient’s capacity for understanding and weighing these options. Integral to the practice of informed consent is the principle of respect for patient autonomy—that is, respect for a person’s right of self-determination—and the belief that clinicians will work to facilitate patients’ decisions about the course of their own lives and care” (AMA J Ethics. 2016;18(11):1147-1155. doi: 10.1001/journalofethics.2016.18.11.sect1-1611).

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