Individual Counseling

It is time to prioritize you.

Life can be complicated and tricky and it is time to prioritize you. Do you want to learn how to be more authentic or to heal from a hurtful past to move forward? Spoken Balance is here to support you, and collaborate with you, in all the ways you want to grow to be a more balanced you.

Spoken Balance works with all sexual identities — heterosexual, homosexual, kink identified, poly, asexual, androgynous, bisexual, metrosexual, pansexual, open relationships, and more. Hate has no home here.

Spoken Balance offers both virtual and face to face individual therapy in a comfortable, convenient, urban minded space that is accessible and confidential.

Individual therapy can help you with:
  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Confidence Building

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Self-Care | Self-Improvement

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief/Loss

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Sexual or Gender Expression

  • Substance Use and/or Misuse

Why therapy anyway? Spoken Balance is committed to providing exceptional care in whatever capacity is most comfortable for our clients. Therapy can be an intimate, fun, engaging process where clients face their vulnerabilities and successes boldly. Living fearfully takes modest doses of fear. Spoken Balance will walk alongside you in healing life conflict.

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