Partners Therapy

Poly, ENM & Monogamous

Relationship dynamics can go from authentic to argumentative in seconds.

Couples Counseling is also considered Partners Counseling or Marriage Therapy

Partners therapy can help you with:
  • Improved communication

  • Strengthening relationship dynamics

  • Enhanced intimacy (physical/emotional/sexual)

  • Communication/listening

  • Decreasing arguments

  • Substance Use and/or Misuse

  • Money/financial concerns

  • Getting married

  • Starting a family

  • Preventing bad patterns

  • Exploring amicable divorce

  • Coparenting

Through partners therapy, you will learn how to trust more, communicate more effectively, and learn how to be mindful and intentional with your partner(s) from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Spoken Balance works with all sexual identities — heterosexual, homosexual, kink identified, poly, asexual, androgynous, bisexual, metrosexual, pansexual, open relationships, and more. Hate has no home here.

Spoken Balance offers face to face couples therapy in a comfortable, convenient, that is accessible and confidential in an office or video session.

A few notes

Partners therapy may also be known as couples counseling, marital counseling, and/or relationship counseling.

  • The same therapist cannot see any individual engaged in partners therapy as an individual

  • Some insurance companies do not cover couples therapy, marital therapy, partners therapy, or relationship counseling, or similar

  • Certain insurance plans may only cover partners therapy if the two individuals are married

In order to bill insurance successfully, partners therapy must:

  1. Have a single identified patient

  2. The single identified patient must have medical necessity

  3. The single identified patient must have a billable diagnosis

  4. The billed insurance must be that of the single identified patient with the billable diagnosis

Why therapy anyway? Spoken Balance is committed to providing exceptional care in whatever capacity is most comfortable for our clients. Therapy can be an intimate, fun, engaging process where clients face their vulnerabilities and successes boldly. Living fearfully takes modest doses of fear. Spoken Balance will walk alongside you in healing life conflict.

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