Vision & Values

These statements apply to clients, staff, and all those who are the fabric of Spoken Balance.

Do Better

Equity, diversity, and inclusion is a core value at Spoken Balance. It is the foundation in which we were built.

  • Spoken Balance believes in creating safe and transparent spaces of bold change.

  • Spoken Balance sees the vastness of our community and wholly respects the dignity and worth of each person.

  • Spoken Balance recognizes the systemic power struggles, tension, and inequities built into our communities.

The collective sum of the unique perspectives our clients, community, and staff — makes healing life conflict possible.

Be Better

Spoken Balance will:

  • Do better by being better. We will lead conversations of change — both actively and passively.

  • Be neighborly. We will offer services — counseling sessions, consulting, mentorship, and/or supervision — in approachable, easy-to-understand, and accessible means.

  • Intentionality. Make every effort to be the best practice for clients and staff in terms of talent and diversity. Recognize the need for quality, consistency, and transparency.

Spoken Balance is committed to actively participating with different justice oriented non-profits doing active work in marginalized communities.

In an effort to directly support marginalized communities and those uninsured and/or undersinsured, Spoken Balance actively works to ensure an adequate allotment of sliding scale and/or pro-bono therapy spaces for those in need.

How Do I Know if I Will Be Safe or Welcomed?

  1. Spoken Balance strongly adheres to a “Hate Has No Home Here” policy. This means Spoken Balance “promotes just and inclusive communities by encouraging neighbors to declare their homes, schools, businesses, and places of worship to be safe places where everyone is welcome and valued.”

  2. Spoken Balance is boldly committed to equitable mental health services without discrimination against, or harassment of, any person on the basis of age; ancestry; citizenship; color; creed; cultural background; disability status; domestic partnership; economic status; education; ethnicity; gender expression; gender identity; gender presentation; genetic information; health status; household composition; housing status; immigrant status; intellectual ability; justice system impacted; marital status; medical condition; mental ability; national origin; neurodiversity; non-qualifying disability; parental status; physical ability; pregnancy; race; relationship orientation; relationship status; religion; sex; sexual orientation; socioeconomic status; and veteran status.

  3. All client’s will be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect as an individual—gender identity will be respected, and you will be referred to by your name and pronouns.

  4. Spoken Balance invites, encourages, and nourishes an environment where individuals can feel safe discussing all intersections of marginalization.

  5. Any unproductive expressions of hate, intolerance, or similar towards staff or other clients, will be worked through therapeutically. If one is not open to doing so, Spoken Balance reserves the right to refer one elsewhere for treatment.