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Trauma-informed and LGBTQIA+ competent. 

Angela Jaeger, LSW

Pronouns: She/Her
Modalities: Strengths Based, Person-Centered, Harm Reduction, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness Based/MBCT, Emotionally Focused, and ACT. 
Languages: English

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We all encounter periods of disconnection and unhappiness in life. Difficult relationships, unsatisfying careers, and adjusting to life’s transitions can contribute to these feelings. For many, harmful coping mechanisms develop in response to these challenges, exacerbating feelings of despair and loss of control. However, times of suffering can also serve as invitations to let go of limiting beliefs and ineffective coping strategies in order to become the person we aspire to be. 

With nearly a decade of experience working with survivors of intimate partner violence and trauma, I am especially interested in helping untangle the complex feelings of shame and stigma associated with all forms of abuse, as well as issues of addiction, substance use, body size, and intersecting identities. 

My therapeutic approach is relational, trauma-informed, and centered on inherent resilience and self-determination. Regardless of the reason you have arrived here, I am committed to creating an inclusive space that is free of judgment to explore new insights, cultivate self-awareness, and discover your authentic self.

Angela’s focus areas
  • Trauma Recovery | Trauma is a complex and deeply personal experience. Experiencing trauma can have profound effects on every aspect of life and functioning, encompassing emotional, psychological, and physical responses that occur as a result of being exposed to overwhelming or distressing circumstances out of your control. Together, we will build the foundations of healing and resilience. Using a holistic approach, I help clients find peace by reconnecting internal and external worlds without fear of judgment. I utilize mindfulness practices and grounding techniques to regulate the nervous system and bring awareness to the present moment. Techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery are often effective in reducing trauma symptoms.

  • Substance Use Disorders & AddictionMy approach to the treatment of substance use disorders and all compulsive behaviors is multifaceted, drawing from integrated theories that encompass various psychological, social, and environmental factors. I understand these issues to be coping mechanisms that are effectively used because they bring relief from suffering. Through this lens, I believe that addressing the root causes for compulsive behaviors and substance abuse is essential for long-term recovery. Utilizing theories of self-compassion, mindfulness, and harm reduction, I work collaboratively with clients to identify the underlying factors contributing to their concerns and tailor treatment for healing and recovery.

  • Shame & Stigma | Shame can be a deeply painful, overwhelming emotion that arises from the belief that we are fundamentally flawed, unworthy, or inadequate. Shame often develops from adverse experiences in childhood, but can also stem from societal expectations, cultural norms, and interpersonal relationships. Feelings of shame can have profound effects on our functioning, life goals, relationships, and overall well-being. Therapy can be a powerful tool for resolving shame. I believe that by bringing shame and stigma into the light and examining them with compassion and curiosity, we can begin to dismantle their power over us. Through compassion and connection, we can begin to accept ourselves and reclaim our sense of worthiness and belonging.

  • Relationship Diversity & Relational Conflict |I work with clients to navigate the complexities of relationship diversity, conflict, and repair. My approach is client-centered and inclusive, recognizing the unique dynamics of each relationship. I create a safe and supportive space where clients can explore their relationship patterns, understand the root causes of conflict, and develop effective communication skills. Together, we work on building empathy, fostering mutual respect, and creating strategies for sustainable and healthy relationship repair.

  • Life Transitions: Changes in an individual’s personal and professional lives can create feelings of anxiety, depression, as well as sleep disruptions. They can also surface painful memories and feelings. Using mindfulness and theories of cognitive behavioral therapy, I can provide individuals struggling with expected and unexpected changes in life the skills they need to navigate these changes with clarity and confidence.

Angela's Ideal Client

  • My ideal client is someone who is curious, open, and willing. Though they are struggling, they understand that breaking free from the limitations of their past and creating a life filled with meaning, purpose, and connection is a process

What kind of therapy does Angela provide?

  • Individual therapy for those who are 13 to 17 

  • Individual therapy for those who are 18 and older

  • Couples/partner/ for those who are age 18 or older 

  • Family therapy for those 13 and older

Angela’s practice locations

  • Illinois: Angela is currently only providing tele-health appointments in the state of Illinois. You can conveniently work with her from anywhere in the state.

Who is Angela in-network with?

  • Aetna 

  • Cigna 

  • BCBS

Out of Network Insurance Benefits

Angela verify's Out of Network (OON) insurance benefits for reimbursement on behalf of the client through Reimbursify. 

Out of Network Insurance benefits can reimburse from 30-80% depending on your plan.

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  • Master of Social Work, Boston University 

  • Bachelor of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin

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