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Trauma-informed and LGBTQIA+ competent.

Molly Ivo, LMSW

  • Pronouns:  They/Them/Their/She/Her/Hers

  • Modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness & Meditation, Secular spirituality (i.e., shadow work, astrology, tarot), Existentialism, Nihilism, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

  • Languages other than English: N/A

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In her writings, Georgia O’Keefe reflected that “to see takes time.” As a practitioner, I believe everyone comes to therapy with a desire to see and be seen, which is an ongoing process that requires empathy, curiosity, and trust. As a therapist, I believe my role is to witness and validate you exactly as you are, as well as support you in the journey towards whatever goals you may have. You are the expert, and I am here to help discover whatever knowledge, healing, and growth can be achieved through meaningful connection and self-exploration.

I am trained in trauma-informed care and work towards change from a leftist perspective, with lived experience and deep personal commitment to intersectional practice, Black Lives Matter, a free Palestine, anti-capitalism, police abolition, disability advocacy, harm reduction, and queer liberation, among many other issues impacting all of us. As a lesbian, neurodivergent, disabled therapist myself, I feel strongly that therapy is most effective when offered by and for those within marginalized communities, lifting each other up in the process. Throughout every session, I aim to make every client feel seen, secure, and valued.

Molly’s focus areas
  • LGBTQIA+ | I have lived experience and professional training in issues related to SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity & expression), diverse relationships outside of heteronormative marriage & monogamy, legal issues related to LGBTQIA+ relationships and parenting, transitioning in the workplace, and more.

  • Neurodiversity-affirming | Genetics, environmental factors, and trauma all contribute to the development of our brains, bodies, and nervous systems. In the past, therapy was aimed at “fixing” issues from an ableist lens rather than accepting us as our whole selves. I bring an affirming perspective to neurodiversity and incorporate your experiences and identities into our sessions. (I am AuDHD myself!)

  • Trauma | Upwards of 75% of the population experiences trauma at some point in their lives, a statistic that increases within marginalized populations. I believe that doing therapy without a trauma-informed foundation is similar to when doctors used to perform surgery before they understood germs. In sessions, we will always focus on developing security, nervous system regulation, and resilience and I will always strive to hold space for your experiences.

  • Harm reduction | I am an ASAM-trained clinician with extensive experience in co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. I believe in harm reduction over abstinence and am experienced at supporting clients in making whatever changes, big or small, they want to make in their lives without judgement or stigma.

Molly's Ideal Client

  • My ideal client is anyone looking to deepen their relationship with the self. I encourage clients to question, explore, and seek deeper understanding in therapy, especially with humor and curiosity.

What kind of therapy does Molly provide?

  • Individual therapy for those 15 and older

  • Couples/partner therapy for those 18 and older

  • Family therapy for those 12 and older

Molly’s practice locations

  • Connecticut: Molly is currently providing tele-health appointments in the state of Connecticut with flexible availability. You can conveniently work with them from anywhere within the state.

Who is Molly in-network with?

Molly accepts private pay and the following insurance plans, please reach out for up to date information!

  • Aetna

  • All Savers

  • Anthem/BCBS PPO (must have suitcase on insurance card)

  • Cigna

  • Husky

  • United/UMR/Optum/Oxford

Out of Network Insurance Benefits

Molly’s qualifications

Molly graduated in 2022 from Chamberlain University’s Master of Social Work Program – Trauma Track. During this time, Molly gained experience working with diverse populations ranging from those leaving the prison system to direct crisis intervention, as well as individuals, couples, and families seeking traditional talk therapy. Molly has lived experience with and is deeply informed on issues of LGBTQIA+, disability advocacy, social justice, and community organization. Most recently they worked directly in a harm reduction capacity at an ASAM-certified facility as a residential clinician and trauma coordinator working with individuals and groups focusing on mental health and substance use disorders.


  • State of Connecticut | License Number: 9023


  • 2022 | Chamberlain University College of Health Professionals  | Master of Social Works

Molly’s personal information

I currently live in the beautiful state of Connecticut near family and friends, having spent time my whole life moving back and forth between the East and West coasts. I love long road trips, tattoos, vegan cuisine, houseplants, animals, anime & manga, and learning new ways to restore old furniture.

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