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Trauma-informed and LGBTQIA+ competent.

Capable of treating depression, anxiety, and life transitions.

Simone Lewis, ASW

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Modalities: CBT, ACT, Strengths Based and Solution Focused, Mindfulness

  • Languages other than English: N/A

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For so many, daily life has become busy and complex. The constant pressure that we feel to meet our professional obligations, navigate personal relationships and occupy roles can be overwhelming to say the least. At our most extreme, we set an unsustainable pace that inevitably leaves us anxious, socially disconnected and emotionally depleted. The demands of being a professional, person of color, parent or any other person navigating a change can become unmanageable.

I collaborate with individuals to examine how their experiences are impacting their lives, by supporting people in the journey to be able to observe their thoughts and name their experiences and priorities. I support individuals in building a foundation of strategies and skills to promote positive coping. I'll be incorporating elements of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Strengths Based and evidenced based care as a part of my therapeutic approach. 

Im passionate about empowering you with the tools and insights to tackle challenges like adjustment difficulties, anxiety, and depression. Through our work together, you'll not only understand yourself better but also learn how to validate and affirm yourself. Therapy isn't a passive experience; it's an active journey toward engaging more fully with yourself and the world around you. 

Simone’s focus areas

  • Anxiety and Depression |Providing support to individuals experiencing Anxiety and Depression is a primary focus of mine. Creating a rapport and safe emotional space to acknowledge challenging emotions is a necessary first step in addressing our inner challenging emotions. Using evidenced based practice to explore inner perceptions and values can be a necessary foundation in the work to address Anxiety and Depression. Taking the journey to develop coping strategies and coping skills is a journey with which I can provide support. 

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Period | The emotional, physical and spiritual experience of internally nurturing, birthing and caring for a child can be a rewarding, and yes, stressful period. As a mother that has gone through this process, I understand the impact that can occur on a birthing individual. It is so necessary to create a safe and positively affirming environment to explore these experiences and gain support. I believe in the essential task of creating a lifeline for support and informed therapeutic care during this period. I am comfortable in creating an environment of validation and positive adjustment to support you during this period of transition.

  • Women of Color | As a woman of color, I have personally experienced the emotional challenges that can occur while navigating an intersectional identity. Accessing therapeutic support to explore emotional baggage can be a stressful and at times daunting task. I provide support by cultivating a safe and inclusive environment to unpack the culturally diverse experience. I provide support on the journey to self exploration, self support and self love. I support you in expanding your knowledge of self by including trauma and evidence based practice to support positive coping. Let me support you on your journey of self validation and growth.

  • Periods of Adjustment | Entering periods of transition can be a natural progression of life. Occupying a new relationship, professional role, educational experience or phase of life can also be marked by a period of emotional change. I support clients in creating a safe environment to unpack these seasons of change. Additionally, I am capable of supporting individuals in exploring positive coping strategies and support in creating positive environments of adjustment.

Simone’s ideal client

My ideal client is someone who approaches the therapeutic journey with a willingness to engage in the necessary work, even when it means sitting in discomfort. This individual values self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. Embracing vulnerability and openness, my ideal client is committed to exploring the depths of their experiences, understanding that true learning and change come from embracing difficult emotions.

What kind of therapy does Simone provide?

  • Individual therapy for those who are age 18 or older

  • Couples/partner therapy for those who are age 18 or older

Simone’s practice locations:

Simone is currently  providing tele-health and In-person appointments in the state of California. You can conveniently work with her from anywhere in the state. 

Who is Simone in-network with?
  • Sliding Scale

  • Private Pay

  • Simone verify's Out of Network (OON) Insurance benefits on behalf of the client for reimbursement through Reimbursify. 

  • Out of Network Insurance benefits can reimburse from 30-80% depending on your plan. 

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Simone’s qualifications

I began my career in professional behavioral health at an intensive group program for Prenatal, Postnatal and Parenting mothers with Child Welfare Services involvement. I transitioned to working with Foster and Probation Youth in the stabilization of their placement. I truly enjoyed supporting these underserved populations. After obtaining my Masters, I worked in hospice and palliative care providing support with adjustment and grief counseling for over 5 years.

Following my hospice work, I transitioned to the hospital setting providing therapeutic contact in a crisis setting and therapeutic support to individuals navigating critical illnesses. My collective and varied experiences have allowed me to hold space for individuals and provide therapeutic support during transitional seasons and journeys of healing.


  • Licensure State of California | Registration Number: 100608


  • 2017 | Our Lady of the Lake University | Masters in Social Work

  • 2010 | California State University Sacramento | Bachelors in English

Simones personal information

I live in northern California with my husband, two young daughters and our dog, Robin. I enjoy being active with my family while exploring our family interest in outdoor movement, play and our love of animals. I have a deep and lifetime love of reading and exploring different genres. I love to create different crochet crafts and I have recently developed a love of Yoga and putting my body in motion.

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